Equipo galvanométrico de alta velocidad. Diferentes accesorios .

Model BM-10-CA BM20-CA BM30-CA
Laser Power 10W 20W 30W
Marking area 110x110mm(70x70mm/175x175mm)(Optional)
Wavelength     1064nm
Beam quality                          <1.8M2
Marking speed <8000mm/s
Min. character 0.2mm
Repeat position accuracy ±0.02mm
Min. line width 0.05mm
Working environment Temperature:5-40℃      Humidity:10-80%
Cooling method Air cooling
Power supply AC220V 50/60Hz
Total weight 40KGS


1.Good quality laser beam which is near to the limit of diffraction, exporting TEM 00 fundamental transverse mode, M2 near to 1, divergence angle of laser beam is 0.3 mrad.
2.With high pulse repeat frequency, power export steadily, energy surge of single pulse is lower than 1%, so it can achieve high speed marking, and control the magnitude, depth and shape of laser spot well.
3.Fiber laser marking machine with high transition efficiency from electricity to light, 30%.
4.Fast marking speed, 2-3 times faster than the traditional marking machine.
5.Free from maintenance, long working life, small size, suitable for any working environment.